according to the projects and needs of our customers for use in the conveyor system, we supply belt drums of the following types.



It is the drum that gives movement to belt strap on conveyor system. In case of belt length being long, number of driving drums can be more than one. In the single driving drums, there are Euler connection between the forces in driving drum and convolution angle. In such belt, to increase pulling force, it is required to increase winding angle and friction factors. Thus, winding angle can be increased up to 500 degrees. Friction factor between rubber coated steel pipe drums belt and drum is around 0,05 and 0,45. To deliver the power on the conveyor with less pulling force, it is necessary to increase the friction factor. For this reason driving drums are coated with rubber with 10-20mm thickness. In this case, friction factor differs between 0,20 – 0,60. To remain in the safe side on calculations,
friction factor is considered as 0,25 on bare drums and 0,35 on rubber coated ones.
In our products, our drums have detachable shafts, and connected to drum pipe with forceps system.


In case of belt length being short, it is inserted to end of the belt as tail drum and connected to turnbuckle system drum shaft. In case of belt length being long, as well as it can be connected to the end as tail drum, it can also be used with the weight mechanism in the belt turnbuckle system. In general, rubber coating is not applied on drum body pipe. It is a detachable shaft and connected to drum pipe with clamp system.


They have smaller diameters compared to driving and tail drums. Their duties are being clung to snub and driving drums, and provide their routing. They are detachable and connected to drum pipe with clamp system.
Also, during the manufacturing, our firm conducts the shaft connection features in line with the following given information


They can be manufactured in desired diameters and sizes to be used in elevator systems according to project. It is with detachable shaft, connected to drum pipe via clamp system.


As barred drums are usually inserted to tails in the system, they can also be used as driving drums. The bars placed over the side flanges are cleaning foreign substances stuck on the belt surface in order not to damage the belt.
They are detachable and connected to drum pipe with clamp system.